MAYA IS LIVE NOW! We play a release show tomr at the Silverlake Lounge - 6pm, FREE with opening Dj, we'll perform the entire album at 7:30 On July 5'th we'll play a release show at Frontier cafe in Yucca Valley. $10 8p with opening Dj and we'll play by 10p On July 9'th I'll depart for Greece - not sure when I'll return or where! We hope to tour through Southern Europe, Bali and more. The future is wide open. Thank you for purchasing or streaming our album We hope it brings you joy and makes you DANCE

MAYA - Official album release + shows I'd like to tell you all a short story; promise to keep it brief. I've written songs since I was 6 ... I know, this is already off to a bad start. However, I am NOT a cliche. I was told I'd never play piano by my teacher that same year. I was told I couldn't write songs like the Beatles, I wasn't exactly pushed to be an artist, I fought for it every single day of my life. I fought to arm myself with a camera, confidence, buy a keyboard, write ALL THE TIME, go to SF and join a dance community instead of college. My family had fallen on hard times and my Dad took a job in Salt Lake, the world lay before me and there I was, b

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