So Long, Enola Gay (cover release)

Our new mash-up is live on YouTube, Soundcloud and Vimeo now! We covered A Perfect Circles new single So Long and Thanks for all the Fish with cult classic hit Enola Gay from OMD. Shot out in Utah during Christmas, we were honored to find an awesome actor to bring our story and vision to life. Check it out above. Thanks for the views, our goal is to be to 1k by the time we hit the stage at Sundance film Festival this coming Wednesday. We're grateful for the opportunity to performa a few shows at the infamous festival in the Park City this year and have the chance to do some networking for our music and brand. Stay tuned for this years upcoming DOUBLE release No Hate and No Ice! Thanks for yo

'We'll Rise' - Do you believe humanity will survive?

New year. New feelings. New resolves. New challenges AND opportunities. No BUTS. This year will mark a great shift for humanity I feel. Throughout history native cultures have showed and told us about this time we are now in. From my studies of the DreamTime calendar and many cultural prophecies I feel this shift is a necessity for humanity and will ultimately determine whether we live for ourselves or for each-other. Time is money and monies time we've heard it said so much, too much. But when will Time equal art and art Love again. This I believe is our destiny, and we're currently hurdling towards it at an alarming rate. Can we rise to the occasion? That's why I've shunned the 'regular' m

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