Aydra Jenson and Emvy Venti had their own unique LA stories before colliding in SilverLake, summer of 2015.
“I do hard things,” is about all the introduction Aydra needs.  If you caught her solo act as singer-songwriter and performance artist, pushing the limits of melodic-synth-pop with a jaw-dropping aerial hoop routine, you'd understand. Demanding LA audiences can see she comes from some whole other continuum - raised in NORCAL but a true stargirl - it was really not too much to ask.
Aydra, a self-taught and discovered badass who'd already kick-started a successful single with producer Nataraj Tribino (PM Dawn, Maroon 5, Nile Rogers) while hustling in private LA homes as a chef, had self-produced shows, vlogs and campaigned her single's, Super Conscious music video.  Under the same starpower she foraged enough hours to build a veritable musical empire with a catalogue of hundreds of songs.
At first, meeting the fellow musician that night seemed like more LA talk until a rendezvous the next day when she heard about Fire in the Hamptons, Venti’s project at the time. 


The LA native had stature, credentials, talent, and a killer band. FITH’s growing success, fan base, explosive debut album, a 15k crowd-funded EP, and visually stunning video, was all built on great songs. Lead singer Zack Arnett’s writing and presentation genius fed on Emvy’s versatility on all kinds of instruments. The match was made.


A line in a famous song that ends with “flying machines in pieces on the ground” refers to crashed musical ventures that litter the receding horizon and this story is not much different, until… Fast forward to the alluring high desert, Aydra is swinging high in the sky singing to a full house at one of their famous 'cirque shows' with duo Zircon and Wish. Never in their dreams did they think making such a bold move would lead to a vision Aydra had held her whole life.


After the launch their debut concept album “Crash” a passionately devised amalgam of what Aydra likes to call ALT-ROCK-POP or OUTLAW-EDM in 2018,  Aydra and Emvy re-emerge from the ashes, wings spread to bring "Maya" a more modern take on writing that Aydra's been after since her time in the underground SF rave scene. It's an ode to a love for melodies and the duo's huge synth-pop undertones. Sure, to take them to a new height, they hope to bring the concept to Europe this summer and fall 2019.



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